Yixing Stork Teapot


A small pot made from Yixing clay for your favorite black or oolong tea.


Made from Yixing clay, in China’s Jiangsu Province, this small teapot (180ml) is part of the tradition of Yixing teapots that have been prized since at least the 15th century. Yixing clay is ideal for oolong and black teas, as well as pu-erhs. Because the clay over time absorbs the flavor of the tea it holds, it is recommended to use the teapot for a single type of tea, whether oolong, black or another. This pot features a dark color to the clay and appealing painted design.

Color & Material

Painted image on dark, Yixing clay.






Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave, do not use abrasive cleaners.