Hi there. I’m Geoff, founder of Amsterdam Teas, and this is our story.

A while ago, I was drinking a lot of coffee. Maybe you can relate. I stopped, but I still wanted a warm cup in the morning, another cup in the afternoon, and something warm again later in the evening… That’s when I started drinking tea.

I had not been a tea drinker. I had no idea at the time that I was entering a whole new world. But I found a shop selling whole, loose-leaf teas, and it was love at first steep! There’s something magical about tea leaves. To this day, I remain fascinated every time by the way the delicate, dried leaves transform in water, reversing time, becoming full and vibrant again, full of color and life! And the drink… so many incredible flavors and scents!

But the tea leaves are not the only things to transform. I've worked for many years in university, and Amsterdam Teas is a new adventure, a great change motivated by the belief that the simple pleasures of tea can help to grow better relationships with ourselves, with others, and with the world.

My work at university revolved around social justice, and I remain committed to the idea that a better world is possible. Amsterdam Teas contributes to that goal by sharing the simple beauty of a natural product, by stimulating mindful moments alone and together, by slowing things down, by offering a healthy, easy way to enjoy life, and by building closer relationships among the many people who make and drink tea with passion and care.

We’ve only just begun, and a lot of hard work and love has already gone into Amsterdam Teas. Come share the journey and a cup of tea with us!

We put a lot of pride in the craft that goes into our teas from the artisans we work with. All of our teas are painstakingly made and carefully selected. And every cup will depend on your craft, too: we offer recommendations for how much tea to put in a cup, the temperature of the water and how long to steep – but everyone will do it a little differently, according to their own preferences. And that is part of the fun!

We hope you share our values of care and craft, and the values of taking a healthy moment out of a busy life for friends and family and for yourself. We also hope you like to have fun. There’s something positively joyful about the little tea leaf that becomes so surprisingly beautiful and gives such an extraordinary drink, made with love and appreciation, with such a rich history, all around the world.

We look forward to sharing that appreciation, love, and joy with you!