Fresh, with notes of warm bread & salted butter, steamed greens, and a hint of citrus.

Type / Ingredients

Green tea


Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan

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Energetic - Good for a boost, with bold flavors to give the body and mind a lift.

Time of day

Early afternoon - In the early afternoon, we like something to get us back into rhythm after lunch, something to lift us up into the heart of the day, whether it’s a brisk cup or a smooth one.


Water: 200ml
Temperature: 70°
Tea: 8g
Time: 60sec

Producer of this tea: Nakayama Kosuke

The Nakayama family has been an important one in tea production in the Higashi-Sonogi region for over 70 years. Nakayama san has continued the family tradition as a leader in communicating the virtues of tea and environmentally conscious agricultural techniques. The Nakayama family farm uses only organic fertilizers that they prepare themselves.

Nakayama san is a founder and Chairman of Higashi Sonogi’s Green Tea Tourism Association, which arranges for visitors to be hosted by local families, close to the tea. Nakayama san himself and his wife Setsuko sometimes host visitors as part of the program.

Nakayama san’s farm is located in a hilly, rural area characterized by warm days and cool nights. The wider region is known for the ancient stone terraces built by early tea farmers, and their views of the Omura Bay. In addition to being a master tea producer, Nakayam san is also a musician who is fond of performing at local events.


We would like to thank our friends at Ikkyu Tea in Japan for the photo and connection to Harashima san and his family.