Generous, with notes of fresh cut grass, roasted chestnut & sweet buttered corn.

Type / Ingredients

Green tea


Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

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Centered - Excellent for appreciating a bit of balance, with subtle flavors to stimulate poise and reflection.

Time of day

Mid-afternoon - Mid-afternoon is about concentration for us. We lean towards complex flavors in the mid-afternoon, sometimes refreshing and sometimes rich, often bold.


Water: 160ml
Temperature: 70°
Tea: 4g
Time: 60-90sec

Producer of this tea: Masashi & Eri Harashima

Harashima san represents the third generation of his family to produce extraordinary teas. Harashima san’s family farm is located in a mountainous region of Yame, near the Yabe river, where the temperatures are cool and the ground snow-covered through much of the winter.

Hirashima san joined the family business in 1983, and guided it to organic farming techniques by 2008. Today, the farm uses hand-picked fermented organic fertilizers (bokashi), and every step of the farming process is responsive to changing weather conditions.

Hirashima san is a Master in the Sencha Tea Ceremony of the Kofy Sencha Reifu, and a Nihoncha Instructor. Together with his wife, Eri, and their daughter, the family also runs a tea shop overlooking the Yabe.


We would like to thank our friends at Ikkyu Tea in Japan for the photo and connection to Harashima san and his family.