Rich, with notes of buttered greens, and hints of salted cashew and dried fruit.

Type / Ingredients

Green tea


Oita Prefecture, Japan

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Gentle - Good for settling down, with flavors rich or smooth to help find that moment of peace when the world is moving quickly all around.

Time of day

Late morning - In the late morning, we’re looking for something to keep us in the zone, something stimulating and with a bit of depth. We find it a good time for bright flavors, but also subtlety to savor.


Water: 200ml
Temperature: 80°
Tea: 8g
Time: 30sec

Producer of this tea: Takahashi Kosuke

Takahashi san is the second generation of his family to produce exceptional teas. The family business was the first in the Oita Prefecture to receive organic JAS certification, in 2001. They are specialized in tamaryokucha, with its unique curl and exquisite flavor. Takahashi san mainly grows the Yabukita cultivar and uses the long deep-steam process of Fukamushi for a rich tea with high levels of umami.

Takahashi san’s tea fields face the Seto Inland Sea from the hills of Satoyama, where the sea air and morning mists give the tea a special freshness. Local community members with long experience in tea production pack the plucked leaves by hand.


We would like to thank our friends at Ikkyu Tea in Japan for the photo and connection to Harashima san and his family.