Delicate and round, with a nuanced mix of vegetal, floral and cinnamon notes.

Type / Ingredients

Green tea


Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

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Relaxed - Comforting, with flavors to complement the times that you’re ready to kick back and relax.

Time of day

Late evening - Come night time, we’re looking to wind down. Something comfortable and mellow, with a touch of the savory or sweet to round off the day.


Water: 180ml
Temperature: 95°
Tea: 6g
Time: 70sec

Producer of this tea: Miyazaki Ryo

Miyazaki san is dedicated to preserving the art of Kamairicha tea. Kamairicha is a specialty of the Miyazaki region, certified as a World Agricultural heritage in 2015. The technique, however, is unusual and difficult, and mastering it is increasingly rare.

Miyazaki san not only preserves tradition, but innovates to keep it vital. His farm has been cultivating tea without pesticides or chemical fertilizers for over 30 years. Miyazaki san has won numerous awards for his teas.

Miyazaki Prefecture is not yet well known for its tea outside of Japan. The landscape varies from renowned beaches to verdant mountains. The climate is mild, but there can be great differences in temperature at higher elevations, which contributes to especially fragrant teas.


We would like to thank our friends at Ikkyu Tea in Japan for the photo and connection to Miyazaki san.