Complex, nutty, with notes of fresh cut grass & sweet peas, and a hint of honeysuckle.

Type / Ingredients

Green tea


Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

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Luxurious - Deep, rich and good for a moment of indulgence, with complex flavors to lose yourself in.

Time of day

Early evening - We find the end of the afternoon and early evening to be times for reflection. The night is still ahead, so we still like a stimulating cup, but with a gentle side to encourage mindfulness.


Water: 60ml
Temperature: 60-65°
Tea: 6-8g
Time: 90sec

Producer of this tea: Koga Kumiko

Koga Kumiko is the fourth generation of tea producers. Her family has long been a leading producer in Fukuoka Prefecture, producing exceptional teas since 1938. Her mother remains the president and her father the director of operations for the family tea business.

The region is well known for its outstanding green teas. River fogs and morning mists contribute to unusually rich teas, recognized by their full flavors with a touch of sweetness. Yame is rightfully proud especially of its exclusive gyokuro production.

Besides producing tea, Koga Kumiko is also active in bringing teas from Yame, Japan, to the rest of the world, traveling the globe to offer seminars on local specialties. She is dedicated to sharing the gift of extraordinary green tea.


We would like to thank our friends at Ikkyu Tea in Japan for the photo and connection to Koga Kumiko and her family.