Nilgiri Smooth


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Full and well-rounded, with hints of plum jam and chocolate.

Type / Ingredients

Black tea


Nilgiri Mountains, India

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Centered - Excellent for appreciating a bit of balance, with subtle flavors to stimulate poise and reflection.

Time of day

Late morning - In the late morning, we’re looking for something to keep us in the zone, something stimulating and with a bit of depth. We find it a good time for bright flavors, but also subtlety to savor.


Water: 200ml
Temperature: 95°
Tea: 3g
Time: 3-4min

Indi & Muskan Khanna

Father and daughter team Indi and Muskan Khanna are leaders in artisanal tea production in the Nilgiri Mountains region of India. Indi’s life’s work has involved him in every stage of tea production, from the nursery to the field and from processing to local and international trade. He is a recognized leader at home and around the tea world.

Muskan has taken the baton from Indi, to lead their family tea business into the future. Working with the local community to sustain traditional standards for premium tea, Muskan is also constantly innovating to
open up new horizons for premium tea. Her efforts have most recently resulted in a patent for a new technique to produce a unique tea. As with all of the
teas from their Tea Studio, the patented Nilgiri Bamboo is a delicious result of their commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Together, and with the help of local architect Aditya Menon, Indi and Muskan have designed and built the Tea Studio, an elegant, state-of-the-art structure nestled into the gorgeous slopes of the Nilgiri
Mountains. Committed to social and environmental sustainability, their entire team of artisans is drawn from the women of the local community, and they use
no chemicals in their farming.

At Amsterdam Teas, we’d like to acknowledge the Khannas as great ambassadors for tea, and thank them for their support of small and growing shops like ours.